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Uganda - Rwenzori

Uganda - Rwenzori

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This coffee comes to us directly through the careful stewardship of Martin and the Rwenzori Company Company. We have worked with Martin since 2016 (when we were still roasting coffee from a garage!). Every step of our journey together has been insightful and reciprocal and has taught us more about coffee farming and processing than any other, eventually resulting in our first food industry award in 2020.

Hand picked and sorted, only the ripe coffee cherries make it to the Rwenzori wash plant where the coffee is wet milled and left to sun dry. This process allows some of the remaining coffee cherry mucilage to impart further moisture and acids into the beans than standard natural processing and sets this origin apart from any other we've ever encountered. 

We had to tear up the roasting rule book with this coffee and start again from scratch due to its unique freshness, moisture content and sugar availability. The result is a boozy strawberry celebration of exploding summer fruits delivered with a caramel sweetness. Perfect for filter or pourover but also a unique and rewarding experience on espresso when dialled in right.

As an espresso paired with milk this coffee turns into strawberry ice-cream in a cup...we're not kidding, it's mind bending.


- We ship 1 -2 x 225g bags in recyclable, letterbox friendly parcels.

- 3+ x 225g or 1kg coffee orders will be shipped in small - standard parcels

Storage Instructions

All 225g coffee is shipped in resealable bags. Store in a cool, dry place and never leave open to the air.

1kg coffee is shipped in heat sealed bags. Once opened either decant into an airtight container or use a bag crimp. Store as above

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