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Guatemala - Huehuetanango

Guatemala - Huehuetanango

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A show stopping washed single origin from the Huehuetanango region of Guatemala. 

As a filter coffee expect a crisp body with a pleasing orange zest acidity delivered with a maple like sweetness and hints of cacao nibs on the finish. 

As an espresso notes of sweet clementine, almost chocolate orange, prevail. All with a well rounded acidity paired with good baseline sweetness 


- We ship 1 -2 x 225g bags in recyclable, letterbox friendly parcels.

- 3+ x 225g or 1kg coffee orders will be shipped in small - standard parcels

Storage Instructions

All 225g coffee is shipped in resealable bags. Store in a cool, dry place and never leave open to the air.

1kg coffee is shipped in heat sealed bags. Once opened either decant into an airtight container or use a bag crimp. Store as above

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