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We source this beautiful, low grown speciality coffee directly from Ana and her team at Mio Fazenda in Brazil. Direct Trade means cutting out the middle man in the supply chain so the farmers get a far better price for their crop, making it more sustainable and allowing them to focus on their main skills...growing, processing and producing outstanding coffee.

We take great care at the roastery to do the farmers justice and have profiled this coffee to accentuate its natural sweetness and balance. The result is a low acidity, medium bodied cup dynamic with generous milk chocolate sweetness from start to finish. 

As an espresso base expect a full mouthfeel with a slight mandarin finish. Add milk to elevate the praline qualities and add even more sweetness and body. 


- We ship 1 -2 x 225g bags in recyclable, letterbox friendly parcels.

- 3+ x 225g or 1kg coffee orders will be shipped in small - standard parcels

Storage Instructions

All 225g coffee is shipped in resealable bags. Store in a cool, dry place and never leave open to the air.

1kg coffee is shipped in heat sealed bags. Once opened either decant into an airtight container or use a bag crimp. Store as above

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