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River City Coffee UK

6 month coffee subscription

6 month coffee subscription

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Never run out of coffee again!

Order, sit back, enjoy the coffee and wait for the next one to arrive. In the first week of each month we will select the choicest seasonal coffee, roast it fresh and post it to you in time for the weekend. Postage is already included in the price.

As a subscriber you will be at the front of the queue for the first taste of any new origins we import and roast. As our stock changes depending on global harvests and origin availability you will be able to explore different coffee's from all over the world as they come to us.

If you are buying a subscription for someone else please complete the shipping details for that person we will sort it for you.

We're working on a monthly direct debit subscription service but don't currently offer this payment option.

No additional shipping costs.

We use letterbox friendly post bags


- We ship 1 -2 x 225g bags in recyclable, letterbox friendly parcels.

- 3+ x 225g or 1kg coffee orders will be shipped in small - standard parcels

Storage Instructions

All 225g coffee is shipped in resealable bags. Store in a cool, dry place and never leave open to the air.

1kg coffee is shipped in heat sealed bags. Once opened either decant into an airtight container or use a bag crimp. Store as above

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