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Burundi - Mitgoti (Bujumbura)

Burundi - Mitgoti (Bujumbura)

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The Bujumbura region of Burundi is home to hundreds of smallhold coffee farmers. Each farmer has, on average, between 1-5 acres of coffee bushes with the predominant strain being Bourbon. These are mostly ran as family business with 2 or sometimes 3 generations working on the land.

This red bourbon washed varietal comes via our relationship with Omwani Coffee who work closely with both the coffee farmers in the area and the Mitgoti washing station, where the farmers cherries are all processed. Omwani Coffee ensure the consistency and high quality standards at the processing stage are met, orchestrate the coffees careful distribution to the UK and have transparent and fair pricing structures to directly reward the farmers for their ongoing hard work and expertise. 

In the cup this coffee celebrates everything amazing about the terroir of Burundi coffee. Roasted to a Scandi style 'fast and light' profile by us here at the roastery we aimed to capture and retain the blackcurrant and floral notes inherent of this region. Paired with a light body and crisp red grape acidity this is an amazing coffee for filter and pour over style brewing. Those with a passion and care for espresso extraction will be rewarded by a blackcurrant explosion in the cup with bags of fructose sweetness and a wild but very pleasing acidity. 


- We ship 1 -2 x 225g bags in recyclable, letterbox friendly parcels.

- 3+ x 225g or 1kg coffee orders will be shipped in small - standard parcels

Storage Instructions

All 225g coffee is shipped in resealable bags. Store in a cool, dry place and never leave open to the air.

1kg coffee is shipped in heat sealed bags. Once opened either decant into an airtight container or use a bag crimp. Store as above

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